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New forum, new Randomness.

I need to sleep. I’ll be getting 5 hours of shut-eye as it stands, if that. I work really early tomorrow.

Random programming talk | I have no Structs on my List
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Random programming talk | I have no Structs on my List

I’ve been staying up late, playing Destiny mostly. Tonight I was debugging some work issues and playing at the same time.


Can we move the NSFW content to a separate thread? I don’t mind nudity myself, but it’s not compatible with an office environment.


I actually agree. With that in mind there is the lounge which is not public. That would be a good place for nsfw stuff.


Sounds good to me, boys


@Alistel you really can’t stick to a name can you? The reason you keep a name is so we know who you are, otherwise you’re a random person.


i am terribly ashamed to say this but i have a very serious problem owning the pictures i take

a large part of me taking pictures is trying to convince myself that my pictures are fine and at the same time distancing myself from them so that i don’t have to feel responsible for their quality


take out the garbage masturbate


How large can these threads get, @chapel? If it goes on indefinitely, I don’t think it needs to be Random Talk 4, yeah?


St Vincent IS pretty cool.


Is there any way to make quotes/replies more obvious?


that would swell


oh, you just select the text then click reply





Yeah we may not need to make new threads. http://try.discourse.org/t/what-happens-when-a-topic-has-over-1000-replies/301

We will see.






I know rite?


This forum scheme is so radically different that I dont want to like it, but I love it!


You just have to let go and let it bathe you in its awesomeness. :slight_smile: