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Mine’s the opposite. Right eye is OK, left eye is like underwater.


Lousy fish eyeballs.

I need to get an updated perscription.


haha that’s cool.


This is incredibly impressive



split this topic #223

I moved 3 posts to an existing topic: What song are you listening to right now?


…I posted those in the wrong thread.




As a mere moderator of this amazing site, do I have the power to accomplish such an amazing task as well? :slight_smile:


Have you tried? Hint: notice the wrench icon to the upper-right?

I believe due to removing the right gutter, the select post button was hidden such that we weren’t able to select posts to move or remove them. I made a quick CSS fix to move them somewhere visible until I can do something better (which will most likely require messing with the templates).


I started to, and then I got bored, damn it! :slight_smile:

How you be, Chap?


Decent. Just laying down after being up until 3am on a website stress test for work.

How about you?


Just getting up. My Phonology instructor has been pissed that the majority of the class has not been coming to class on time, so she gave us who did come home on time a take home quiz. I’m finishing it up now. :slight_smile:


That’s right. You can’t kill an entity which moves from username to username. :smile:

Hi everyone. I didn’t have internet access for about a month. It’s why I was gone.


Welcome back, Locutus… ahem… Leo. :slight_smile:


Tomorrow, I’m getting temporary crowns on my two front teeth. I’m disappointed that I’m going to lose my real teeth. :confused:

But not entirely, the teeth won’t be extracted. I had root canals done on them, and soon I’ll have crowns.



Can’t even get a fucking trial.


I almost, almost made a Ferguson thread here. But I think it’s too depressing. The entire situation is depressing stuff.


Yeah, I feel like everyone I know wants to talk about it, and no one is saying anything helpful.

people ask how I feel about it and I just say “Fuck”


I’m done. I’m fucking done.