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Oh, I now actually get it. But how are you going to ensure the hookers you do bang are not COVID-19’d?


That’s easy horse. You stick to chicks with dicks.


end of the world you doing it up i guess


Only futanari will defeat this pandemic.


Tradition will save us.


Make sure my gravestone says something funny.


Our coffeeshops will survive but I fear for our sex workers. May the force be with them.


I had to cancel a trip abroad and I will probably spend the next two weeks working from home. Guess it could be worse.


I’ve been working from home the past week. No biggie.


John Wick 3 is on Netflix btw.


Thanks! John Wick 2 was a lot less interesting than the first movie. Hopefully this is better.


Have to say I was pretty disappointed with JW3. Too much shark jumping.


Stockholm was completely desolate yesterday and 90% of the people my office building had decided to work from home. I’m doing the same from now until this crisis is over.

It will be a nice change of pace.


Yeah this is how i felt as well. They did too much. Still some excellent parts (The bike chase, the zero fights/last guantlet). I would have cut all the Halley Barry stuff and that ending.

I get it though. Every generation and culture needs it’s invincible tough man legend.


Amsterdam is also a ghost town.

What should I get for my birthday, WYL? I can’t decide.




Big bag of chewy black licorice. Make the heart skip a few beats.


I’ll put it on the list. :writing_hand:


Almost everyone close to me have mild cold systems. It could be the coronavirus since it has been confirmed in my kids’ school. Working from home while having kids around will be a challenge. My current solution is to work early morning and late evening while spending more time with the family during the day.


I’ll be honest, this virus thing is scary as fuck and I don’t know what it’s going to do to the world economy and shit and people are dying, but I am LOVING the motherfucking lockdown. I pray the work from home period never ends, just let me hole up with my wife 24/7. We chilling over here, we good.