Real Fútbol


Not looking good for English teams. United don’t have quality to finish teams off and City still have no idea how to play in Europe.

Also that shit Adidas ad is about 2 minutes long.


Nah we’ll be fine once we get a ref who knows how to give a penalty and a red against a defender that makes a leg breaking tackle in the box.


That was ragged play by Moreno and unbelievable how he got off scot-free


Yup, escaped a red and a peno, then went and fucking scored too. Absolutey takes the piss.

Like I said, I think we’ll be fine. I’d be worried for City.


Well done West Ham.


They’ve got their counter attacking down.


It’s incredible that they’ve beaten Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City all away.


Need to. They’re shit at home.


I really want to see Martial get a hattrick.

Heh, so unlucky for Memphis. Nice finish by Mata.


Rooney is the opposite of fine wine.


Rooney looks like a retired person just wandered on to the pitch.


Lewandowski pls


Schweinsteiger. What a player.


…I keep forgetting which type of football this thread is.



Now we’re fucking talking.



That table’s wrong btw.

Our goal difference is 7.



There’s the latest


Brazilians praying to the new gods of footy.