Shin Megami Tensei V announced for Switch


The game is set in modern day Tokyo. The teaser trailer shows two uniform-wearing high school students walking inside a train station. Then, the corpses of demons in the city’s tunnels. After that, the students are surrounded by demons in a desertified Tokyo. The mysterious words “Shekinah Glory” and “Daath” appear on the screen.

Time to buy a Switch.


I’m hyped and I hope we get more 3rd party RPGs for the system.


I hope so too.

I wanna start SMTIV and Apocalypse before V is out.


I dropped SMT4 after ten or twenty hours. Maybe I’ll start playing Apocalypse once I’m done with Golf Story.


Why’d you stop playing?


1-0 score for the Switch.

I wonder how the game will look and wether Atlus can afford a budget for a console game, considering how SMT games have been on handhelds and niche lately.


I don’t remember exactly. The story wasn’t particularly interesting and I wasn’t impressed by the level design either. At some point I preferred playing other games instead.



Persona 5’s visuals look wonderful, so I have some faith that Shin Megami Tensei V will look good. I’m just happy that the series proper has returned to consoles.

Interesting that the game is going to tackle themes of the stress and anxiety regarding unemployment, terrorists, and nuclear weapons of the modern era.




But that’s the thing though, Persona games sell better and have a bigger audience. This hasn’t been the case with SMT. How are they going to justify the budget?


They may take a chance on increasing the budget. It may be worth the risk. Switch has been in high demand in Japan.