Star Wars: The Force Awakens



I’m going to watch this movie so many times.



I really like that robot. :slight_smile:


I like it. Boyega’s odd part throws off the flow of the serious tone for the teaser, but that’s okay. Ball droid kicks ass. The Sith/dark Jedi looks menacing, and I’m actually in the minority of liking the beams on the light saber hilt. It makes him look like some sort of crusader knight. The shots of Millennium Falcon and the X-wings flying over the water were beautiful. I’m truly looking forward to the trailer, and December 15 can’t come soon enough.


Only here for Boyega.


I hope Boyega impresses me. I haven’t seen him in any of his past movies. I’ve heard he’s good in Attack on Block, or whatever it’s called.


Is it spoilerish for someone who only watched the first 2 episodes?


No, it doesn’t show any spoilers, but I’d suggest watching Episodes IV - VI before watching VII, since this is the proper sequel to that trilogy.


Definitely. I did mean if the trailer was spoilerish. I am planning on watching the movies as they appeared.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the original trilogy. I think they’re releasing a Blu-ray of it soon. Time to watch it on my PS4. :smile:

Man, I can’t get over the leaks of The Force Awakens, though. If the leaks are true, Luke will have been a recluse for 30 years, since after Return of the Jedi. As someone who has read a lot of EU books, and has gotten used to the non-canonical version of Luke forming the Jedi academy after ROTJ, training an entirely new generation of Jedi, getting married, and having a son, it’s going to be hard to get used to this movie’s plot. Mara won’t even be in the movie. Neither will Jaina. :frowning:


The parodies commence. :slight_smile:


looks terrible. looks like empty flashy bullshit just like the prequels


I just can’t right now. There’s too much to process.


I like this one better than the first teaser.


It’s really good, but the feels from that first teaser when the Falcon appears with that barrel roll… woo.

I’m so fucking excited for this.


This thing made my eyes leak.


When Luke says “and you have that power too”, he has to be referring to either his son/daughter or niece/nephew, right? I’m thinking Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey, will be Luke’s daughter or niece. Leaning more towards her being his niece if they’re following the narrative of Luke having gone into exile for the past 30 years.

Beautiful scenery of what I can only suspect is Tatooine, with the crashed X-Wing and Star Destroyer.

I don’t like that John Boyega is always shown to be glistening with sweat, and he’s in a constant state of frenzy. It’s kinda lame.

The chrome stormtrooper’s chrome helmet looked cheap. I liked the helmet design of the Sith, Kylo Ren. His helmet looks like Darth Revan. Maybe they were influenced from that KOTOR character. The shot of a large army of stormtroopers standing in front of a stage reminded me of Nazi imagery.



so i’m guessing the jedi stormtropper is hired by the rebellion to become a double agent