Summer 2015 Anime | GT wasn't even its final form


I joined around episode 7 of season 2. It’s not a great way to follow an anime but a friend gave me a quick summary of what happened before.

What I saw was only Slaine being in love with the princess, going batshit insane when he finds out she loves somebody else who doesn’t deserve it just BECAUSE. A jealous sister who loves Slaine but he doesn’t care about her…the ending was predictable. Two planets in war, love and peace is important…

It looked pretty with certain scenes but it didn’t feel like it did anything exceptionally well. The robot battles were just there, there wasn’t much action with the battles, lots of talking when in cockpit view.

Certain side characters were more interesting than the main characters, but they weren’t fleshed out.


It’s true that the robot battles weren’t flashy, it was more like I enjoyed how they were framed. The combat in that series is very non-traditional, relying on math and psuedo-science that sounds real enough instead of who could shoot the bigger beam. One of my favorite kills was Slaine shooting a bunch of bullets like 18 hours before an impending assault, knowing that it’s rotational axis would take it around Earth and back.


Er, sorry, I just meant how he changed into a ruthless tyrant after killing Sauzbaum. Killing him was good. He had the opportunity to change Vers for the better from within, but he didn’t. I guess Slaine’s switch to a terrible person made for an entertaining story, overall, but as a character he sucked.


Someone spoil me the ending pls.


Aldnoah Zero ending: Unexpectedly, Slaine issues an order to all Orbital Knights to prepare for a massive assault on the Earth military. Cool action scenes happen. Inaho defeats Slaine while they’re in their mobile suits. Slaine admits defeat and tells his fleet to surrender. Asseylum begs Inaho not to kill Slaine. Then, she declares that Mars and Earth will establish a peace treaty. The world thinks Slaine is dead, when in reality they’ve locked him in solitary confinement. He has a smile at the end, indicating that he’s happy that Asseylum showed compassion for him.




It feels like this is something I have missed because I didn’t follow the anime from the start. This was not apparent to me while watching the last couple of episodes.

While we’re at it, can something explain to me why that other character has one weird eye? Where he got it from? I could tell it was very handy to have and when he relied too much on it, it would hurt him.


This was frankly the best moment in the series.


Slaine shot out his real eye at the final confrontation last season. The new one is a normal cybernetic implant…I think.


Slaine sounds like a crazy motherfucker.

Also did finish Plastic Memories over the weekend. Glad my gf already went to bed so I could shamelessly cry like a little bitch. Felt good.

It felt kind of hollow though because the plot behind the time limit on the giftias and shit like that leaves just way too many holes. Shit just doesn’t make sense.


Did the grey haired one die?


Nope. Life in prison.


You mean Slaine? I was asking about the Plastic Memories girl b.


I was talking about PM, actually. I never put it together that they shared the same fate.


Oh. Huh.


No, he’s not really. During the first half of the series, he’s a massive pushover and lacks confidence. The Orbital Knights treat him like dirt. Maybe that’s why in the second season he just snaps and puffs out his chest to show his dominance. He’s no Char Aznable.


So good I want to cry.


So bad I want to cringe.


Where’s the beef stock? They didn’t put in any beef stock.


They were too busy singing and they forgot. I hope Gordon Ramsay yells at them and calls them a donkey.