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Post your favorite tech based articles/tutorials/sites from the past or present. Longform preferred for articles, but not super necessary.

Breaking news would probably be best in a new thread.

Here’s a few to get the ball rolling


I can’t stand GIMP, and yet I end up using it every other month.



DOOM (2016) - Graphics Study







What is the better buy? Pixel or iPhone 7?

Although I should wait until iPhone 8 is out next year.


There will always be a new iPhone next year. What’s wrong with your current phone?


The phone speaker got damaged when I dropped my phone; I have insurance for it, so I can get a free replacement. I’d like to get the Plus version, though. Maybe I can pay a marginal cost to upgrade to a 6 Plus when I make the trade. I have an iPhone 6.


Got my new galaxy s7 coming in today

pretty stoked, my s5 is still going strong. Best phone I’ve ever had.


I have a Pixel XL on order. Should get it sometime later this month. Upgrading from the Nexus 6. TBH at first I wasn’t too impressed with the Pixel, specially because it looks like an iPhone, but overall it looks like a solid phone that will last me at least two years which is my upgrade timeframe. My Nexus 6 is a bit long in the tooth, slows down quite frequently and has a little burn in on the screen due to the control bar at the bottom.




God no.

I’m on T-Mobile now but decided to switch to Google Fi so will fully switch over when my new phone comes. Helps that they added family plans with Fi, since @Chimera still has her Nexus 6 and can be added. Price wise probably won’t be much different, but I’ve heard good things about Fi and the payment is straight forward.


Oh, I was confused because of the contract thing. Heh.

I’ve been thinking about switching from T-Mobile to Fi, but I currently have 6GB LTE and unlimited everything else for $50.

I’d only get 3GB on FI. Which sucks because I really want to switch to Fi.


Do you need that much data? I’m only paying about $13 per month and I can’t recall ever reaching the cap.


It’s one of those deals where I’ve lowered my cap only to need it one month or another for some reason or other.


The only place where I don’t have a good WiFi connection is during my commute, and then I’m normally reading a novel or playing a game. I would need 3 GB if I was streaming music or video.