The Last of Us Part II







This is yet another reminder for me to play Last of Us.


Looking at this trailer i’d guess that Joel is dead and Ellie is imagining him, the people she wants to kill are his killers.





Grim af. The trailer sets the tone which immediately fits with the first game.


Not feeling that trailer at all.


Yeah, no.


I’m reminded of this trailer for the original TLoU but the context for violence in it is a lot different. It may be brutal at times, but it’s also unceremonial and only done because it’s necessary. In this new trailer, we have a woman being hanged while another woman is held down by a couple men as they break her fucking arm with a hammer.


Disappointing reveal.


Man the lightning on TLOU is still crazy good




I’ll probably buy this, but I’m honestly not very excited for it. I don’t know why.


this honestly looks better than anything i think i’ve seen. that single take trailer was pretty incredible.