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She’s actually a zombie. Instead of human meat, zombies eat human clothing. Since having your clothes eaten by a zombie while you’re wearing them means a 95% chance of becoming a zombie yourself, the little girl arranged a business proposition in which she agreed to give her panties to the zombie lady once every day, instead of letting her eat her clothes while she’s wearing them and risking becoming a zombie herself.


And here I thought the bottom of the zombie barrel had already been scraped clean…

Gotta give it to them for originality.

Can’t they just buy clothes from the store? Do zombies eat their own clothes?


No to both questions, because while clothing is their main sustenance, what attracts them to it is the smell of humans. You see, zombies have a very strong sense of smell, and they choose their victims according to their nasal palate, which would make store clothes taste like… well, chicken. But the panties of your kohai might be closer to some well seared peppers and onions drizzled with extra virgin olive oil accompanying a medium rare steak.


Given that these zombies are intelligent, coherent and sentient creatures in this premise makes it no less weird to desire a child’s used panties.


Mmm… brains, err pantsu.


She’s 16! She’s not a child. She’s even… legal… in some places.


Well it’s a chibi illustration, couldn’t tell.


we all gonna make it brehs


Yeah, but what about Hunter X Hunter? >:(


I love that “moderate amounts of sex” is an actual tag on Dynasty Reader.



A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) can get pretty intense.




Bought Jiro Taniguchi’s My Father’s Journal/Chichi no Koyomi. It’s pretty good! Feels like adult reading material.


A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) is still pretty dang good.


The hiatus is OFF.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 350 is out.

Boys, shall we take bets on how long this lasts?


hey guys Dynasty Reader featured one of my favorite books just today or yesterday i don’t know

it’s Girls Ride and i think you guys should read it because it’s very nice and cute

also it’s just nine chapters which is not a lot