The manga topic Mr. Johnson doesn't want you to see


We should at least have this topic, right? I’ll have fuller impressions for everything I’m reading some other time, but for now:

I’m reading Knights of Sidonia. I’m two volumes in and I’m listing. I don’t feel like I have a grasp of what’s going on. You could boil it down to “Attack on Titan, but in space” except AoT’s setting and story can be conveyed far more easily. It’s got a pretty standard fish out of water ignorant MC that needs everything explained to him so we can learn too, but there’s still too much held back. I’ll come back to this once I’m deeper in.


You see with this new forum design i can never find new threads.

Anyway recently i read Legally Married Yuri Couple and, well, it’s cotton fluffy yuri just like the title suggests.


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I read two more volumes of Sidonia. I understand what’s going on a little better, they deigned to explain things like their weapons and the main character. I don’t get why one of the characters is a bear (which is totally normal I guess???) and what’s so special about the main character’s unit.


Can anyone recommend good shōnen manga, suitable for an 8 year old, that might be a good way to practice English?


The first thing that instantly popped in my head was Doraemon, but I don’t know if they are more in the Bleach-ish mindset.


I’ve watched the Full Metal Alchemist anime series and that’s pretty good although perhaps too bloody for younger children.


You always have Dragon Ball, though there may be some nudity in the manga.


Apparently, Naruto is for like 10-13 year olds.

Dragon Ball might be a good alternative and I can’t imagine Toriyama’s art being very explicit when it comes to nudity.


Bare breasts and cock n’ balls. Z is probably best, no nudity and less violent than modern peers.


I ended up ordering Yotsuba&! and Bone (Jeff Smith).


Hmm, Yotsuba& is a good choice! Though it’s more for adults than kids.


what is dis thread

nihei is p cool for including transgender characters and shit into Sidonia
too bad the MC likes alien moe


It’s the “what manga have you been reading” thread.


That was a rhetorical question.


And that was my rhetorical answer. =D


i read various stuffs, most takes forever to come out tho
boku no hero academia
shingeki no kyojin
hunter x hunter
iam a hero
tsumi to batsu
Onepunch man
qualia the purple
liar game just ended out of nowhere and with a cliffhanger nonetheless

thats all I can think of atm


Well the writer of previously mentioned and very aptly named Legally Married Yuri Couple Itou Hachi has had more of his work translated. Snow of Spring is nice and more dramatic than his earlier work. That said the art is still ridiculously strong and very unique. I recommend everyone reading it. Here’s a little taste of that much desired fluffiness!

what does it say about me that i found out about it on exhentai


Read Octave in one go yesterday. Octave is one of those stronger yuri stories that are actually dramas and not just romances, pretty well regarded.

It’s pretty merciless, too. I was not expecting it, but it’s particularly good at exploring weakness and failure. Left me in a pretty poor state of mind to be honest. I wouldn’t say it is particularly “real”, because much of it feels like the delirious perspective of a truly weak person, but it feels very human as well.

Overall not a good read if you’re depressed. One of the strongest mangas i’ve read, otherwise.


Someday they’ll put out yotsuba 13 and I’ll be whole again.