Valve Steam Deck




Seems cool


The fact that I already have games to play on that thing makes me want to buy it day one.

A really smart move on Valve’s part. It’s refreshing to see a company that’s not public. These are the type of products and risks that only companies without shareholders can make.



I’m half tempted. I have a very long list of games that I could play, on the other hand I can’t think on any particular PC game that I would like to play on a handheld with a gamepad. Maybe it’s a good fit for emulation.

If I decide to pick one up I will probably go for the most expensive model. 512 GB of storage seems about right for a PC.


I’m also of the opinion that certain games should not be experienced on a handheld. My steam library is littered with Indie games that I can play in bite sized gaming sessions that I almost don’t even care that it can run AAA titles as advertised. It’s good that the option is there for people that do want to play that way and that is what the deck is about, having options.



I love deck pics



A good take.