Went into Evangelion blind...


… and my mind is now spaghetti.

What’s worse? I think I’m hooked.

(Went in blind to the Rebirth movies [1.0, 2.0, 3.0], no experience with Eva beforehand.)


Oh. OH. You haven’t even seen End of Evangelion yet.

Ha. Ha ha. Ha hah ahahahahahah a̱̮͖̝̔̋̈́̏h͈̭̐a̘͚͒ͪͩ̅h̨͕̳̔ͯa̲̳̳̿hͥ̃̒̍h̥̺̹̺͌ͮ̂à͔͎̼̳̘͛̉̿̃̅͂h̹͉̥̜̝̪ͅa̗̅ͯ̚h̸̝͔͙͆ȁ̴͕̤̞͚͌ͧh͙͔̙̟̬̲̯̾a̒̀̑ͬ́h̲a͕̳̥̩̗͚̜ͯ͑!̬̳ͩ


it’s about god aliens


The thing about Evangelion you’ll learn rather quickly is Anno ( the series creator) is the perfect storm of ‘hit a goddamn international goldmine’ and ‘has never at any given point been satisfied with the outcome of his series’, so there’s a ton of revisionism even going from the original series to the first pair of films, to the recuts of final episodes to lately, the rebuilds.


oh not the movies…

you should watch the show, everything in it is good to excellent to best ever, from direction to writing to soundtrack, it’s all great with the exception of one episode that will not be named

the movies are not representative of the original work, and though 3.0 has some very good things packed between a lot of bad things i’d say they are not good measures of the quality of the original series


Hmm. I watched the original series 7 or 8 years after it originally aired, and I didn’t then, and still don’t understand why it’s revered as much as it is. I think Anno created a deliberately insane story for shock value. To me, it didn’t offer any significant meaning to its chaos and craziness throughout the story.


why did you watch the movies first breh

the movies are made more awesome by the fact they twist the original story around. you missed out on all that

watch the og series then end of eva


in b4 shun the nonbeliever


anyone can be saved
they just need to admit misato is best girl


That’s not exactly hard to win when the two other main female characters are an obnoxious brat and a mute-like girl who has the personality of a rock.

Edit: To @Das’s point, I can see why Anno would think that way. The flow of the story is incoherent. I disagree with @John. The writing and direction aren’t anything to write home about.


I read up on EoE (and the original series) after finishing the third movie… it sounds even more spaghetti than everything I’ve been exposed to. I lie awake at nights with headaches sometimes over this shit.


GF was a biiiiig Evangelion fangirl years and years ago (still has all the shows/movies, manga, spent many months rewatching episodes to pull apart the spaghetti, etc), she introduced me and deliberately steered me to the movies first. Thinks they’re a better total package.

She half-jokingly wishes she hadn’t introduced me. All this Judeo-Christian imagery and symbolism has connected with my brain in the worst of ways.


Mari and Asuka, bess squad.


I’m going to watch these. Brace yourselves for a hot-take.


how are they a better total package is the package isn’t total yet, your girl has some explaining to do


Fools. Only the original TV series + EoE are even worth watching. The animation is still some of the best. None of this modern gunk.


Aw yiss, hot take!

Not in terms of completion (yet) obviously, but a total package as in the production values, characterization, ease of introduction, lore density, plot, design decisions, etc. That’s not to say she likes everything about them. She just prefers them.

I’m interested in seeing how they differ, personally.


i’m sorry but you might have to break up, i mean… preferring the movies… who knows what other dark secrets she might have?



Wait, what if she’s like… a witch?!

(Wait, I already know that one)


i was thinking of selling babies to satan every blood moon but i suppose i might be exaggerating