What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


Ya it’s great.


Into the Breach is great. It being a mech strategy game is much more appealing to me than FTL’s space commander setup (which still rocked). Good score too


Woo…this game.

I haven’t played much yet, but man, I can see it’s future potential.


If anybody has an extra copy, let a brother know :stuck_out_tongue:


this transcends gaming…


I’m starting to get the hang of Into the Breach. In my current run I’ve completed the first two islands with all perfect victories. I’ve unlocked the first three new squads and a handful of awesome pilots. Squads play very differently and every time I switch to a new one I need to reset how I approach the battlefield.

The game is fantastic and I recommend everyone who enjoyed FTL: Faster than Light to pick it up.


Made it to the third island by the skin of my teeth. Would have been toast if this building took any damage.


I really enjoyed that squad (Rust Something). I got a 2 island victory the first time I tried them. Now I’m trying to get my first 3 island victory with the default squad.


I’ve been starting on the second island to get the hang of it but whew, brutal wihout cores lol.

I lost won timeline in a strange way I don’t understand though. I didn’t kill the boss but I protected the building. After my last turn a ton of vek spawned and I got game over.

I’m assuming theres some unlabelled failstate if you don’t kill enough vek throughout the island?


Yeah, I’ve put some considerable time into building Rusting Hulk. Worth it. They can kick butt all day, anywhere. I’m trying out Zenith at the moment.


I’ve tried both Zenith and Blitzkrieg and neither clicked with me immediately. They both have one really powerful unit and two utility mechs that appear near worthless.


I’ve reached the final area of Axiom Verge and the bosses there are just ridiculous. I beat the first one, but this isn’t fun at all. It feels like the only way to win is to exploit the level design. Maybe it would be fairer if I had collected all the power-ups.


Never mind. I beat the final boss on the first attempt. The weapon I had selected worked fine and I just had to spam the fire key to keep up with high pace.


There’s a difficulty spike if you install cores though. Unless that is just my imagination.


Bah, I was one hit from getting a perfect third island. I should have picked an easier final mission.

The first part of the final fight was flawless. Hopefully I will have time to complete the run tonight.


Which squad are you using? I just spent coin on Flame Behemoth.


Currently I’m using the Rift Walkers. I want to unlock all the medals before I move on to other squads.

I can only use my gaming PC when my toddler is sleeping in his crib. That’s why I’m mostly playing Switch games. Yesterday I picked up Celeste.


Getting a 4 island victory was as easy as getting one with fewer islands. I was able to unlock almost all skills with my squad and I also found a really useful shield bot. Now I can finally leave the Rift Walkers behind and move on to the other squads.


Well, that’s impressive. I need to get lucky along the way.

I like playing with fire though.


I’ve reached Detritus, any tips for this area? @archnemesis