What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


Speaking of Picross, I’ve been playing a ton of it’s 3D variant on my 3DS of late. It’s really good.


Really in the thick of it with MTGA.

Looking forward to RDR2.


I made a fun Boros deck for the daily quests with scraps from sealed and draft events.


I haven’t played any constructed since the wipe, but after all my gems got refunded I’ve been jaaammiinnggg the hell out of limited.



Any of ye lads getting The Cowboy game?


I haven’t played Read Dead Revolver or Redemption yet. Vice City was probably the last Rock Star game that I tried. Are we expecting a PC version later on?


I’ll get red ded eventually. I’ve got enough keeping me occupied for the time being.


Played from 9pm to 2am last night. Once I finish work I’ll be playing again. Looks beautiful on my 4k OLED.


That’s the assumption, but it could be a year.


Cowboy Game 2 is gud but man playing things at 30fps with lots of input lag is nasty. R* pls



I picked up Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun! after hearing about the series for nearly two decades. I don’t know what I expected, but it’s basically Guitar Hero with a drum instead of a guitar. The drum controller is surprisingly sturdy although getting it to synchronize with my TV hasn’t been easy. I can easily hit 90-100% of the notes on the easy difficulty setting, but as soon as I move up to normal I miss almost all of the hits. I wish there was a better way to test the input signal.

Even though I have plenty of experience with the Tournament games, I never played the original Unreal. It holds up well and the Gold version from GOG runs fine on modern computers.


I want taiko so bad but I can’t afford the drum (which I have to import) and the game at the same time


Yes, it’s quite pricey. I pre-ordered a Mario Party bundle with two extra joy-cons at the same time and then quickly closed the tab and tried to forget how much I just spent.

The drum is a huge hit with all three of my kids. If the game was only for myself I might have settled with the standard version.


I forgot to cancel my Nintendo Online service after the free trial week and it automatically charged me for a month. Most of the games are only fun for a few minutes. With save states I managed to play through a couple of the longer games.

I first encountered Gradius as a mini game inside The Legend of the Mystical Ninja and the full game is basically more of the same thing. It just becomes more hectic. I really enjoyed it.

In my childhood I played large parts of The Legend of Zelda, but this week was the first time I played through the entire first quest by myself. I was surprised by how much from A Link to The Past was already present in the first game.

I haven’t touched my copy of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the Wii U. The new Switch version makes it easier for me to play it in small chunks. I love these mini games from the main Mario series and in this spin-off title they have expanded the concept into more awesomeness.