What are you drinking?


I’m working late tonight and decided to grab one of these from the beer fridge. It’s delicious!


Water, some diet sodas here and there.


All I’ve been drinking for the past two to three days has been water. For two reasons–the amount of work that’ll have to be done to my teeth will cost me a lot of money, so I figure it’s time to cut soda and junk food out of my diet for good, and the other reason is I caught strep throat, and water is a necessity while you’re sick. So, water will be the primary drink I’ll be consuming from now on. I may have an alcoholic drink once in awhile.


Had some tonight while at a friends playing board games (I brought them)

My friend made us moscow mule bites with a twist, allspice dram which was pretty damn good.


Lemon juice, blended cucumber, gin and sparkling mineral water.



found the last one in the back of the fridge. So good.



A beer.


I slept so well after drinking that wine.


Mostly water these days. Cut soda out of my life. No regrets.


enjoying this very much


Brahma beer.

Wine up next.


Yep. More water.


It’s okay Leo, it’s not like it’s an actual question. You don’t have to answer.



this again


I was a nice dinner tonight where I had some nice fifteen year old fancy champagne.



Is that weissbier?