what's the superior browser


cage match everyone gets to decide the winner except mr john


I went from IE > Firefox > Chrome and never looked back. The answer is Chrome.

Edge may disrupt the playing field though.


I’m using Firefox because of the awesome add-ons. My two main computers have 16 and 32 GB of RAM and I never experience those memory issues that people usually complain about when evaluating browsers.

On Windows systems, you are exposing yourself to a lot of malware unless you are blocking ads and JavaScript.



Mostly for the sync feature.

@archnemesis, what are your favorite/must have Firefox extensions?


Adblock Plus (or uBlock Origin), NoScript and Ghostery (or Disconnect) for basic security and privacy.

SuperStop to stop animated images from playing by pressing Shift+Esc.

YouTube High Definition to customize YouTube behavior (turn off annotations, set default video quality, etc.).


still use firefox w/ublock origin, umatrix, & classic theme restorer


I haven’t heard of uMatrix before. It looks promising.


You FF guys ever tried waterfox? When I do go back to FF in spurts I use it:


I recently switched back from Waterfox to Firefox. I’d rather have fresh updates than the 64-bit support, and soon Firefox will offer 64-bit themselves.

Cyberfox is also a good alternative.



I don’t think that’s accurate. I read something about it being a bug.


never tried waterfox or cyberfox

i did try pale moon though


Chrome. Even IE’s no-holds-barred so-bleeding-edge-it’s-called-edge Edge browser is a joke. Firefox is just pointless. Firefox’s broken forks/offshoots are even more pointless.

Chromium is obviously the best form but since I use Google Apps for Work for my business email, and because I don’t care if Google knows my credit card number or my wife’s middle name, I just use Chrome and enjoy the additional benefits of offering my digital life to a corporation.

If you don’t like ads, the answer never lay with a browser add-on, but with your hosts file.


This is my feeling as well overall.


Is there a least difficult way to edit your hosts file to avoid ads? Like a program or something that keeps it updated and such.


I suppose you could download a list of known offenders (e.g. EasyList) and add those to your hosts file. Running NoScript is easier though. I only whitelist domains I visit regularly.