Who has CD/DVD drives on their computers anymore?


My home PC and laptop both don’t have CD drives.

Isn’t that weird?

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Sort of but no not really.

I just discovered how rad it is having my PC set up as a media centre.

My phone, TV and iPad all streaming content from my PC is pure magic.


I bought an external DVD drive recently and now I can use that if I ever need to use an old disc. Most things can be downloaded or installed from a USB stick these days.


Yeah, CDs are dead and gone. Keep a USB dvd drive for emergencies.


My desktop has a DVD drive. Do I use it? No, not even occasionally. I can’t remember the last time I inserted a disc in there. :slight_smile:

Steam was the nail in the coffin for disc drives in computers, IMO.


My work has come into the 2000’s, from having physical benefits booklets to now sending me them in the form of a CD.

Seriously, I don’t have a disk drive on my computer, what would I do with it. They should have just emailed a PDF. :smile:


You should play Frisbee with it.


Even the laptops I buy at my work now don’t include a disc drive. Occasionally users will need an external disc drive, but most are perfectly happy without it.


I feel violated, Chapel. :slight_smile:


My laptop has one. I think it reads DVDs.

Haven’t used it once. Seriously even computer barbie knows CDs are useless nowadays.

I’ve used the desktop one a few times to burn CDs and so install drivers and that jazz.