Winter 2017 Anime





How did you enlarge the anime chart from last season? Or did you find one already done that way?

The only show that interests me is ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.


Who cares


True. Anime is shit this season.

I’m going to finish watching 91 Days. Loving it so far.


I find ACCA really interesting. its like a slice of life show but also a chess game of political intrigue. its comfy meets creepy


Oh man, the Ms and I just watched Erased over the weekend, wrapped it up yesterday. What a beautiful piece, truly lived up to the hype, 9/10 in every metric.


You guys should check out 91 Days. AOTY contender for me.


hope maid dragon is gud


wait a second tooru is a lot taller than kobayashi in the manga this isn’t right


That’s an interesting discrepancy.



i’ve been wanting to watch some good romance animei

maybe i should just watch kare kano again…


so i decided to watch toradora

there are minidiscs in the first episode



holy shit manga kaworu literally smothers a kitten to death with his hands in front of shinji when they first meet


Toradora is one of my favorite romcoms. Maybe my all time favorite.


I’m liking it a lot too. Taiga’s VO is amazing


Ok so i willing to bet money that Minorin is the kind that wouldn’t believe that someone could be in love with her.


All I know is she’s the kind of person I could love


kino’s journey is coming back

anime is saved