WYL pickup thread: deuxième édition (post real pics)



Giantbomb videos don’t seem to work on the wii u. I’ll have to give it a try on my laptop later.

Nick, I deserverd that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I posted some of this in the Christmas thread but I got the Astro A40 headset with M80 Xbox controller adapter. Like it for shooters and when needing to be quiet.

I also was given Shadow of Mordor.


Let me test it out!

It seems to work but it’s difficult to pull off on devices with small screeens. It’s difficult to highlight large replies without the quote button disappearing. Thanks for pointing it out!


Latest additions ahoy. We have 2 unexpected games and the other 2 were planned:

-Tekken 3D Prime Edition (3ds)
-New Style Boutique (3ds)
-Super Smash Bros. (3ds)
-Super Smash Bros. (wii u)

The first 2 were being sold brand new for 10 euros each. Tekken I wasn’t planning on getting because it apparently had a lacking single player mode and the graphics didn’t look all that from previews. After giving it a try, I’m happy for getting it. The gameplay has been translated very nicely on the 3ds and the graphics look much better with 3D mode. It’s going to be a nice game to easily get into and leave due to keeping modes simple. And the included Tekken movie was funny, enjoyable for fans of Tekken.

I’ve heard lots of good things about New Style Boutique (style savvy in US?). It would be nice to have a dress up game with that nintendo quality. We’ll see how it goes.

SSB 3ds I got used for 25 euros from a seller and the wii u is sealed for 32,50 euros including shipment, also from a seller. Those deals are pretty good for Nintendo games, especially when those type of games don’t drop in price much lower than that.


I missed out on the original releases and now I can experience them with more bells and pixels.

I haven’t owned a bicycle in more than a decade.

Three of these came from a flea market.

I guess fantasy and games are the theme for this summer.

Re-translations of the classic Lone Wolf gamebooks came out last year. I loved these as a kid.

Meat snacks are surprisingly great and not as tough as I remember them.


I just finished Masters of Doom (as an audio book) and wholeheartedly recommend it.



picked up

i don’t know looked cute and i’m in the mood for something coming of age


Read Blankets


you mean sleep in


I finished it the other day! It’s pretty good! I liked it a lot. sort of hard hitting in that “other people have to deal with some stuff alright” kind of way, which was a feeling i remember very dearly form my own adolescence. Recommended for light and pretty reading. Comics really are the best.


Today i bought:

But in green. I’ve been searching for Blankets but i can’t find it! I’ve seen another of his books, but not Blankets! Pretty annoying. So i bought Persepolis instead, since it was discounted. They also had The Killing Joke, for twenty euros!! Fuck that.


I picked up a PC Engine Mini and a Neo Geo Mini. I recently decided to buy fewer physical games, but I can’t resist cute mini consoles.