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Who is still getting on PC?



I’m in the process of getting it. It’ll probably be tomorrow before I have it downloaded.


I think we should post our Bnet thingies because Laboured is lonely. I think that would be a good thing.

Mine is Laboured#1710




I would pay for the privelege of playing on PC if I could share my character data.




Sent requests.


Playing D2 the way it was meant to be played:







I decided to pick up Forsaken and finally finished the campaign on PC. Mind you had I two fully leveled characters on Xbox and by the time PC came out I just didn’t have the energy to do it again and stopped playing a few days in.

I really enjoyed Taken King with D1, so if they can capture anything near that with Forsaken count me in.


Yeah everything in that forsaken and beyond video pretty much screems Taken King to me. Just massive amount of content, long term and short term grinds etc. It’s like they remembered how to do this again! lol

I’ve heard rumors that majority of this turn around is thanks to VV in NY. The return to weirdo dark scifi, etc.


Are you going to play @toku?

Finished both of the DLC campaigns, but far below the cap. Though I feel with Forsaken and new leveling I’ll be able to catch up fairly quickly.


Thinking about it, maybe, prolly. I’ve got both previous xpacs but my warlock is only 356 or somewhere around there. I couldn’t be bothered to do the solstice armor grind.


I didn’t start playing in time to do solstice, but with Y2 I feel it won’t be worth it other than for bragging rights.

Ultimately I’m excited to do a completely new raid. The raid lairs didn’t excite me so I didn’t feel any urge to come back, but with the new one I really want to experience that asap.


Yeah I did do the last lair but the one before that and leviathan proper weren’t as good as anything I remembered from D1. Felt like rocket sceince figuring what i wasn’t supposed to do and went to dps or jump or w/e in leviathan.


Once I was able to finish the leviathan with a skilled enough group I enjoyed it. It isn’t the best, but was better than some of the D1 raids.