Discussion and feedback about Discourse


I figured it would be good to have a thread to capture any thoughts or feedback about Discourse and what I can do to make it better for us.

Keep in mind that I won’t be able to do everything, and I feel the lack of features from vBulletin is a good thing. Though I will be happy to read about what you think is missing of course.


As I mentioned somewhere else I really like Discourse. It’s clean, responsive and has all the features I want from a message board.

Going from 1000+ to a dozen members is going to reinforce the image that the site is dead. You chat people should lower the bar for posting and start threads about topics you’re interested in.


You chat?

Yes, I am aware, but in this case we don’t really have 1k members. The only reason sites like GAF survive the way they do is because they are huge already and it feels like everyone is already there. The reality is different, and most people don’t come to forums like ours anymore.

If we at least have good software and a solid (even if tiny) community, people will potentially come and participate. On that note, I think it might help not having all of the baggage of the old forums, since it is plainly obvious that people don’t post as often.


[quote=“chapel, post:3, topic:59”]
You chat?
[/quote]“You chat people” = “You guys who are active users in the WYL chat”

We have gotten a few good users the last few months, but people generally leave after a week when they notice that the forum is nearly inactive and that nobody responds to their posts. Turning around that negative trend isn’t going to be easy although changing forum software is a step in the right direction.


I agree, it won’t be easy. I hope most of everyone is willing to put in some effort to help rebuild the site like I am doing.

I am sure some of the stagnation at the old forum are due to it being left alone by myself, and ignoring any issues/improvements.


@archnemesis Would you like to be a moderator over here? Would like to get your feedback of the dashboard. (Not sure what you get access to as a moderator vs admin).


Is there a way to move the tags beneath the person’s username? It seems weird dangling out to the side.

Also, spoiler tags. ASAP. :slight_smile:


So on mobile it is underneath. I think it is fine having it to the side on desktop as it leaves more space for the content.

There already is a spoiler tag, but I don’t have the plugin hooked up to actually style it.

This is what the spoiler tag looks like: http://try.discourse.org/t/mlp-fim-season-3-spoilers-ahoy/67

Click the image, it is a gif


Twilight Sparkle becomes a what!?


I’d love to be a mod. I’m really curious about all the tools Discourse has to offer.


The avatar placement in replies could use some tweaks (not necessarily from you Chapel). It looks fine if I make my browser window a bit narrower. There is no difference between Waterfox and Chrome.


Yeah, already fixing that.

Edit: Fixed


Well, I have access to the staff forums, I can edit and delete other users’ posts, and suspend people. It seems like all the features a moderator should have. Thanks!


When are you planning on making the switch to this platform? Will you wipe all current threads and start from scratch, or do a soft launch while you’re tinkering with the details?


Thinking soft launch. Wiping the threads here would just be more work.

I’m going camping for four days this weekend so I’m going to wait until I’m back to transition.


Just upgraded to 1.1.0-beta2 and it introduced a bug in the header.

I will fix it asap, though considering if I should submit a PR and report a bug for the issue since it has to do with larger small logos than they assume.


I fixed the change, it is in the main Discourse codebase, so everyone gets the fix. I really enjoy OSS.


@Jibril I see you registered, you should post some!


There is a small issue with formatting when copy/pasting content from other sites. Unwanted line breaks will be added and the newlines will be stripped. It’s easy to bypass the issue by copy/pasting to a text editor first.

If you’re satisfied with the Discourse layout then I suggest we make the transition with the current version. All other features seem to be working fine.


Are you using OS X? If so, try Format Match.