Discussion and feedback about Discourse


Thanks, Chap. :slight_smile:


Needed to upgrade, well really I had to rebuild the server image to change email settings which forced an upgrade, and subsequently there is changed styling/settings I have to update our instance for.

Will get to it asap. Sorry for the messed up scrollbar over posts.


Fixed a few of the issues:

  • New history/scroll bar on right
  • Show categories again


The history bar is neat.


If you see any other issues, visual or otherwise, let me know.


Oh that’s intentional. Eh, can’t say I’m a fan. It’s like having two scroll bars now.


Well, their reasoning is to maybe get rid of the native scroll bar, but if they don’t it is a better way of showing the total thread and allow navigating anywhere in it. I feel it is a good start.


As in, the user should get rid of their scroll bar or the software will? Because unless websites remove it en masse, I can’t see myself doing it just for Discourse.


No, we can hide the scroll bar in CSS.


That’d be fine.


I do like how that scroll bar (v. the normal one) shows you what post number you’re scrolling to.