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Can this laughing emoticon be added to the emoticon list:

It sucks having to drag out the link each time I want to use it.


Two things:

The spoiler icon has disappeared.

The classic “blue face” laughing emoticon has a black background. Are you able to blend it in with the white background?


Check out the new :hamburger: menu. The profile menu now isn’t only for profile info, but houses notifications as well.

I am considering making the homepage latest instead of categories since now categories are always accessible through the menu at the top.


Do it!

I have my bookmark set to latest as it is. It’s so much more useable.

Nice job on the :hamburger:. :slight_smile:


All I did was update. :wink:


@chapel why has the spoiler button disappeared from the new reply window?

It makes it harder for me having to type out the spoiler tags when I’m talking about anime.


Because how I was injecting it broke. I haven’t had time to try and fix it.

It isn’t hard to type out [spoiler]text[/spoiler] so I will get to it when I can and feel like it.


Ah, alright.


But the animes


Is image embedding with spoiler working correctly?


Not sure, would have to look into it.


is there a way to disable all of the auto-embeds and ajax crap?

i build this crap for people but i detest it myself, especially on my phone. the last thing i’m ever going to do is go through every post in a thread. skip to the end and post.


I dunno, man. I’m still waiting for the return of the spoiler button. :\


I guess this feature is still here. Interesting.


In general most of the “embeds” are embedded into the post HTML and not fetched at reading time. As far as images, those are handled by the browser as with any other website and do unfortunately affect the reading position. Youtube is not loaded by default, it is actually static and only embedded once you click it.

Discourse doesn’t load everything, in fact it only loads X number (which I think is 25-50 depending on settings and if you’re mobile). So if you were to go to a post number in the middle of a thread, you’d only load X number of posts before after. As you scroll down or navigate in some way does it load more in either direction. You can easily get to the bottom or top with the little post count box in the lower right.

There isn’t a way to disable the Onebox (it is what they call it) unless I were to disable it for everything.

[spoiler] is so hard to type, they changed the button stuff and I haven’t taken the time to update my code to handle it.

Why would it be removed?


I know. I’m just being difficult. GAF’s spoiler button has spoiled (har) me.


I know the videos aren’t embedded but still, the placeholder image still has to be downloaded. but my connection isn’t great so it’s probably just for me.

the postbox is useful. I use it. it’s just…

maybe the whole discourse experience just seems a bit… choppy. maybe it’s because I like to scroll so damn fast.


As an FYI, I know the avatars are low res. I updated the forum software and it broke my modifications. I will fix it when I get a chance. Sorry for the trouble.

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I thought it was some weird scaling issue with my monitor. Other sites look really funky too.


Avatars should be fixed.