Discussion and feedback about Discourse


Gfycat gifs are embeding now!


Imgur should work as well if it is a gif and has a gifv version.



Sweet. I’ve applied those adjustments. Thanks!


That includes mobile.

Apple lady is yummy.


Get hype for GoT tonight, boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


I always have a negative reaction when anyone tells me to get hype.


Oh nice chaps


Pages are loading really slowly right now, at least on mobile. I can’t stand it, it’s at least 30 sec. Everything else loads normally so it doesn’t appear to be my connection.


desktop seems fine


If on Android, there is a know issue with initial load taking that long. They’ve tried to fix it but it seems to be an core issue with Android browsers and Ember, the JavaScript library Discourse is written with.

How I deal with it is by keeping WYL open always so I can avoid a hard refresh. I’ve saved it to my home screen and that makes it work more like an app.


That sounds like good advice, I’ll try it.


When I reloaded the page, it went away.


Yeah, looks like a change in Discourse affected my override. Haven’t had time to fix it yet, but will try to soon.



Had to upgrade and rebake the post html but looks like youtube videos are back as expected. The upgrade also came with a boost of the version for ember, which makes things ever so snappier especially on android as far as I’ve noticed.


Dude when did WYL add Chrome notifications? I just got a little blip about it and was like, yeah sure.

Never used chrome notifications at all before. Wasn’t sure why I can had an icon for it, lol.


That seems like a neat feature. Maybe Firefox should add something similar.


When I like a post now, or when someone likes one of my posts, it no longer displays who liked your post. Is that a new update to Discourse or is it some kinda bug?


They changed the visual, I think it is a bug in my customizations now showing them.


Should be showing now, just need to refresh if you don’t see them.


Now it works fine for me. Thanks chapel!


Cool. Thanks~