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dude that’s a fucking dragon


congrats dude


Phife Dawg dead at 45.

Cause of death was diabetes.


I bought an Intel NUC mini PC and it’s fantastic. Tiny, fast and not that expensive.


getting low res avatars :\



What are you using it for?


dang i should read that thread more often


I just got one of the smaller models and I meant to use it as a development server. A Raspberry Pi won’t cut it and I don’t want to work on remote servers where I have restricted permissions.

Today, I used it as a desktop with Elementary OS and it was great for that purpose too.



My favorite discovery is hiding the screenshot notification from holding down the share button.



You’ve been granted a stay of execution. Get it done.


I filed mine shortly after I got my W2 in the mail.


Canadian, but filed my taxes two days after I got my tax stuff.


Watching a lot of Dexter lately.



Such messy handwriting.


I just wrote a 42-character word before realizing that non-native speakers would never be able to parse it.


(didn’t see the thread)


Which Game of Thrones character are you (based on your Spotify history)?