Discussion and feedback about Discourse


Erm sometimes, not very often tho.


I use suggested topics all the time. All unread and new topics have priority in that list.


Are you able to display two smaller images side by side, or do they have to be vertical?


The input supports basic HTML, so anything you can do with HTML you can do here.

Though as far as side by side, I believe by default they are made to be on individual lines. Will have to look into it.


Anyone notice the design changes? Thoughts/feedback?


Maybe I’d notice if there were patch notes hmm


I just noticed that I can’t make a three character post. I get “Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive” as a message.




He’s got you there.



Edit: Now I can, but when I try to just post “WTF” in all caps, it doesn’t allow it.


Cleaner is better. I only noticed minor changes like the username being removed beneath the bookmark icons.


It’s so damned clean and minimal. I like it so much.


We need to invite more people here to post!


Get on that! :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as the design, I still have more changes in mind. I would ideally like to have the title alone on its own line with nothing under it. Will help with scanning and readability. I am also planning on moving the replies column after the user column, since the data there is less important than the user info and time, as well it would provide better and more consistent alignment.

As far as what I did recently. I posted about them at meta.discourse


Updated the style more.

Quote of changes from meta.discourse:

Left of topic title has category color bar. Our forum has only two main categories (on topic and gaming) so the colors are very helpful, but the name is not as important. I could see adding the category as a column if you had enough to warrant it.

I moved the replies to the far right. One thing I wanted is consistent positioning. Having replies be on the left of the last poster info, meant replies would shift around depending on the length of a users name. It also meant inconsistent whitespace.

I completely removed any of the info that was under the topic title. I prefer the cleaner look, but having everything on a single line except for the last poster looks a bit odd to me. Somewhat of an impasse because I can’t think of something better.

Does anyone here actually read the category name? Do the colors work for you?

Who uses All Categories > Latest?


I carefully read the category names before making new threads. I don’t use the Latest view, but I would if I frequented this forum less often. Now I prefer to use the Unread view instead.


I like the colors. I use latest.


I also use Latest.

It frustrating that Latest cannot be the homepage, because it’s so damned amazing. Everything is there from both sides. The Categories should be the dig down, not Latest.


Well there is latest for all categories or latest for each category. I use latest for all because I prefer to see all category posts. I use unread as well but it is more for catching up on unread posts.

When posting you can pick the category from the drop down.


Does anybody think this is actually a good idea?