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Table header?


Stars were used that way but they opted to remove stars because they were functionally similar to bookmarks and only confused people. As well having two things people didn’t use a lot is hard to validate. This way they can optimize one usage.

@OneEightZero Table header would be the table description header that lists what the columns are and allows sorting for those columns.


Removing the table headers is fine when it’s self evident what the content is in each column.


What do you think of this?

Basically the bookmark icon on the left links to the first bookmark, and if you have multiple it shows the bookmark list below.

I am not a fan of how much space it adds, but I can see it being useful.


It seems reasonable. I guess people would only use bookmarks for things they really want to keep track of and then it’s worth a little bit of extra space.


I was curious how bookmarks actually worked on this site. How is it better than post tracking?


Bookmarks are for marking a post/topic for easy reference later. On our forum it might not be that useful, but let’s say there is a topic with a helpful guide, you may want to bookmark it for easy access later.

That is how I assume people would use it.


What’s the size limit for avatars? I couldn’t find it noted anywhere, I might’ve missed it.


I think it is limited by file size which is like 3mb, but I would have to check in the code I believe.

It gets resized automatically.


Can we have options for image/animated file resizing please?

Heavily dislike everything being auto-miniaturised on my screen.


Well you’re talking about images posted in posts, and not avatars.

That is a larger problem due to how Discourse is made and how it assumes things will work. It is a combination of JS and Ruby changes to make it work better. Beyond what I’ve had time to look into, but it is something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to tackle.


Cool beans.

I’ve made no assumption as to the task’s difficulty tbh. I’d imagine that it would effect the way the forum currently has a fixed width in order to accommodate larger images?


Yes, Discourse has assumptions to how it should work, but I feel there may be better ways to handle it. I could at the very least, strip out their implementation and put in my own, and/or enhance their implementation to be more responsive and fit the screen better.

Ideally the image should take up most of the available width (within the max width of the page already set) and have a set max height (to avoid super long images dominating the page). It should be at good enough quality to be readable and obviously on click you should be able to see the full size image. If the image is smaller than the size of the width, it should be as big as it is.


It is live now for everyone.

Please provide feedback here.


I like it. It’s an improvement.


Only comment I have is that the threads listed in the Suggest Topics below no longer display which area of the forum they’re from (Gaming, On-Topic etc.).


This loads infinite times faster. I kept having to come to this thread and reclicking the link whenever I moved to multiple computers. I’m so glad it’s been updated globally.

I’m in continuous awe over your work, Chapel. Thank you for such a great site. :slight_smile:


Aye it’s much faster.


Will look at that.

Does that mean you use suggested topics?


Much better visual presentation. Nice work.