Discussion and feedback about Discourse


Thanks @chapel for making a nifty spoiler icon in the reply field!


Not sure if anyone knew this, but in your Preferences:
http://discourse.wastingyourlife.co/users/<username>/preferences or Click avatar in upper right hand corner, then Preferences

You can set your watch/tracked categories, which should be retroactive if you add them.


Sneak peak at a potential new topic list display.

Comes from here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/hypothetical-simpler-minimal-topic-list-design/23552

It affects more parts of the site, like the main category list and suggested topics down below, so before I activate it for everyone I want to play with it myself.

If you want to preview it yourself, here you go: http://discourse.wastingyourlife.co/latest?preview-style=eefbf661-ddf0-4fec-bf3f-4955b0db12b0


It seems to chug less when scrolling down to load older topics. That’s nice.


The design looks cleaner and more open. Also, yeah, scrolling is smoother when it’s loading. I like that it shows the thread creator below the thread title.


I’m noticing something weird after I make a post. Once I view my new post displayed on a thread, my tag is gone. I have to refresh the page for it to appear again.


Odd, not seen that before. Will watch for it.


I’m not a fan of the inefficient use of vertical space. The current layout can fit 50% more topics in one screen.


The topic title size and tall vertical space is a bit much, I’ve modified it a bit to make it more condensed.


That’s a nice improvement.


Very nice design. Go live. ASAP. :slight_smile:


Need to tweak it more before I go live.

If you’d like to live with the style longer, you can add &sticky=true to the preview url like so:


Which keeps the preview style set through refreshes. To go back to default just goto this url:



It’s so much better. I can load the screenshot threads now.


That isn’t due to the topic list change, must have been with some of the bleeding edge changes to Discourse itself. I’ve been keeping it up to date with master, which means we are seeing pre-alpha changes. :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems like it’s loading differently now. :slight_smile:


http://erlend-sh.github.io/ << Discourse v1.1 highlights, we are running 1.2 beta I believe so we have more than what’s there, but some of it is interesting.


@OneEightZero @archnemesis What do you think about the change to having no table header?


Huh? I don’t remember how it was before.

BTW, how do you make bookmarks in this new version? You used to be able to click the star to the left of the topic titles.


Bookmarks are here

They removed stars which were a separate thing. They are still working on options to see your bookmarks better, but you can see the bookmark icon next to topic titles on the topic list. If you click it, it will take you to the first bookmark in the thread.


Oh, I thought it was a synonym to “favorites”. Being able to bookmark specific posts is quite convenient too.