Discussion and feedback about Discourse


I’d like to think we’re all homies here. Well, most of us.


One thing I do really appreciate, is the unread tab when it takes you straight to new replies. Sometimes though you want to jump to the latest replies with one click of a button on threads you haven’t read before. Right now you have to scroll down and load a button that allows you to jump to where you want. Can we get a button that is always visible and that allows you to jump to the latest replies straight away?


Also if you leave a post half written and close the window, Discourse saves it for you next time you go to that thread, on any computer.

Cool beans!


If you click the posts button on the thread list (only tried this on mobile so far) you get a pop up with options to go to the first or last post, which are showed as the dates of those posts.


Chapel, is there a way using Discourse to make some sort of playlist out of the music thread? I think that functionality would be awesome.


Is it possible to have options for what this forum does to images? I super don’t like how they auto shrink at the moment.


That would be interesting, but definitely non-trivial. Might be a good medium sized project to work on when I am bored sometime.

I’m not really sure what you mean by auto shrink? Are you talking about the light boxes?


I mean, by way of example, that I posted 1080p screenshots that have been heavily downsized from their original.


High Resolution Wasting:


Your point?


Maybe fit forum width to screen width?


It’s glorious, Chapel. I love it. :slight_smile:


No. Forums suck at full width.


Can we get the spoiler tag as a button in the reply section?


There’s got to be an easier way to do this: Let’s say I’ve got 25 lines of text I want to make into a numbered list. How should I do that?


There has GOT to be a better way!



1. Foo
1. Bar
1. Fish
1. Food
1. Ass

turns into

  1. Foo
  2. Bar
  3. Fish
  4. Food
  5. Ass


I had looked into this before, but didn’t have a clean way of making it bigger. I was tinkering with things tonight and figure out a way to enlarge them so they were responsive and filled the width of the post. Check it out.




Avatars looks great!