Discussion and feedback about Discourse


You can still access it at old.wastingyourlife.co.




:laughing: I had just made the change and hadn’t announced it anywhere.


to think the last post is a rustle image


Well you freaked me out when I couldn’t find it. I was about to use it for it’s purpose and then it just redirected here.


This is fixed for you now if you didn’t notice.


ooh, danke


Someone mentioned this forum not feeling very personal. I definitely see something in that and am not sure how it can be fixed.

Also while browsing on the wii u and the vita, I can’t see who is online?


How does it feel less personal? You can see the avatars of the users who are active in a topic and that’s an easy way to get a feel about the thread.


There is no place to see who is online. The creators of Discourse have said they aren’t interested in making that feature.


I can see why someone would feel that way, but I think it could be because of how different Discourse looks and operates compared to vBulletin. Change is scary. All that WYL needs is more regulars posting here to make it feel more at home, and give it some character. More personalities in the mix will give it a collective “face”, so to speak.


How odd, guess we’ll have to get used to it. I thought my weaker systems were just not displaying everything properly.


It’s personal! I liked your post! :slight_smile:


If hitting a little heart button on someone else’s post isn’t personal, I don’t know what is.

The future is weird.


There there. I didn’t know you could heart replies before saying all of this :o


I still don’t like anything below the tracking bar, i wish it would be just a blank space.

Also it does feel a bit less personal. Don’t ask my why but it kinda does. I think it has to do with the top banner always being present and stuff not feeling as tactile, moving about the website feels a bit… analog, because at least i have a hard time understanding how stuff is hierarchized.

But who am i to criticize, i didn’t actually do any of the work so you know.


I understand that it is different, but I personally don’t see how it is less personal.

vBulletin is a mess of software, bloated with things that aren’t needed, and years of bloat. I did my best to remove everything unnecessary, but there were things that I couldn’t remove successfully.

With that said, if you can find examples that illustrate things that could be done better, or ways to make the site more inclusive, then let me know. I’m not saying I will do any or all of it, but given the ideas and information, if it makes sense and isn’t a wild request, I would be willing to invest into it.

As far as how things are organized, I really enjoy having on topic and gaming together (I use all categories latest). Could it be that some of the community topics that tend to stay at the top get pushed down more often?


Maybe personal isn’t the best word, perhaps because i am still not very knowledgeable about the various intricacies it doesn’t feel as homely as the old one did, but if that’s the case then this is a passing concern.


Don’t you mean homey? vBulletin is homely though lol


Oh shit, homely in the us means something bad doesn’t it? Homey, then, i guess!