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That’s what I said :frowning:


I’m realizing now that category-level tracking doesn’t cover old topics. Is that intended? I just manually tracked everything so it’s kinda whatever now, just curious.


No idea. Personally I wouldn’t want to track everything, that’s why the posting and track feature makes sense to me.


Not sure about this minimum of 10 characters for a thread title malarkey.


10 characters is easy to deal with. Be more creative in your titles!


Is that a webm in your thread labored? It won’t load for me.
Safari on OSX Yosemite


I’m still sort of confused on threads being shown as unread. What are the best settings to choose to where it’d be like browsing the previous WYL forum or GAF?

I have all categories set as Tracking, and in preferences, I have ‘Automatically track topics you enter’ set to ‘never’ and ‘Consider topics new when’ set to ‘you haven’t viewed them yet’. Am I better off choosing ‘always’ for automatically tracking topics?


I go to “Latest” and the threads that haven’t been greyed are the ones that are unread.



There is a problem with tracking read threads:

You basically have to click on the thread to read it. Go out of it again. Then click back into it again so that it is marked as read and have it greyed out.

Think it must be a bug or some such.


You have to make sure you read it. Like, actually scroll through the unread posts. That’s what it seems to count, not clicking the thread . :slight_smile:


Nah tried that, still doesn’t seem to register properly. Maybe conflicting with something in my bowser.


Yeah, my read/unread/latest tracking works amazing


Right. I’ve been doing the same thing.

@chapel can you look into this issue? If it can’t be resolved, can we have tracking/unread threads setup like how vBulletin had it, if possible?


I think there used to be a link button at the top for whatever category you’re in (‘Gaming’ etc.) that followed you as you scrolled down a thread but now it’s gone. I liked using it to check that section of the forum for more threads once I’m done with a thread.

Now I have to press the WYL logo at the top and get the forum overview instead.

Any chance of reinstating it? Or even better have link buttons for all three categories so I can hop around easily.


I’m still deciding what would be best here.

Keep in mind that the three line menu drop down has links to all categories.


I did not know this.


Is two clicks acceptable? Might be two much for a :horse:


It’s hard. Everything is hard.


When will you update the domains? I still have to remember to press d insted of w.


Welp, there goes the old forum. Man…