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Congratulations buddy.


I just noticed…the site is still down.


Hi, I used to post on the old WYL forum around 2010 or 2011?! Remembered the place upon heading about GAF’s demise and thought did check it out again, only to find you’re now on discord!

Is Wenis still hot?


Welcome home, there is always room for everyone here :wink:


Always was, always will be



Bit annoyed that wenis and I haven’t done the sexing yet.


Jesus Horse, you’re married!

That means your bucket list time is running out!


shorty would understand.


I think we’re all beautiful in our own way.


but some don’t have as grand facial hair


I was concerned I’d be detained at the airport because of my full beard when I was in the US a few weeks back.


Pics of said glorious beard, plz.


i trimmed my beard down and got a haircut for that exact reason last time i flew. things went smoothly for the most part, did get extra screening as I was leaving seattle though.


What a coincidence. It was too itchy, so I trimmed it when I was in Seattle.
I didn’t have to go through extra security though. Was a smooth journey.



I have to shave weekly because of my weekend job


I’m growing my beard out. There’s spots where it doesn’t grow so well, so I’m forcing myself not to touch it for around twelve weeks or so.

It’s been awful.


Welp put myself up to be the next student delegate and tbh i should have thought twice before doing it