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Been there, done that. It wasn’t worth the time or effort.


lol fuck me


What does that entail? Looking for something to do, or pad your resume?


It’s basically a diplomatic role to delegate student interests with the administration. The teacher told me it really was just resume padding and a couple of 10 minute meetings across the school year. But I’m hoping to actually have some kind of position at least, and mediate touchy subjects. Idk, my father was a politician, maybe I just want to see if I have it on my genes.


dropped another ep, just a little digital thingy this time, felt like it:


Am i the only one who thinks Justice league looks like a CGI disaster.


I am going to be honest here, MCU movies are really the only thing that make me act like an elitist bourgeois shithead and i do feel a little guilty about it, but i cannot bring myself to find any humanity in those movies.

I’m sorry i try not to be that kind of person.


It is trash. Cash grab at its finest.


Half of the movies I watch are superhero related. I should rent John Wick 2 the next time.


My favorite superhero.


Marvel movies are fun to watch, but good luck watching them again.
DC seems to keep shitting the bed for no fucking reason. Like who the fuck ever asked for a young joker origin movie in the 80s.
Who the fuck is gonna watch that? Especially if it’s by the guy who made Hangover of all things.
A fucking walking disaster mate.


Superhero movies are in my bottom tier for film choices. I begrudgingly enjoy good ones like Logan or Dark Knight, and I can have fun with something like Deadpool or Dr Strange, but man the constant assault of super hero movies and shows and commercials and jesus christ it’s everywhere ENOUGH

I swear to god you guys…

If one more person tells me to go watch Wonder Woman…

There’s gonna be some trouble.

It looks good, I’ll get around to it eventually


I’m probably not getting superhero reccs as often as you but I also generally avoid them. I wanted to see Logan and haven’t gone out of my way to see one since Iron Man 2 or First Class, whichever came last. I did watch Dr. Strange though when they put it on Netflix.


I have similar opinions. Doctor Strange was very enjoyable in the cinema though, that felt a bit different and had some surprising moments. Otherwise I’m usually down on them, they’re too predictable.


I’ll only go see the next Batman movie, and I made an exception for Batman vs Superman for the novelty factor. I guess what I’m saying is, between DC and Marvel, the only superhero that I’ll go see movies for is Batman. I would go see X-Men movies if they were on the same level as the Batman Nolan trilogy.


I think i’ll see Black Panther.



Is it your birthday? Happy birthday, bud!


Happy birthday Nick!


Happy BJ day