So. It's finally happened.


It’s dead.

fer now.


Yea. Gaf is officially dead.


Remarkable how quickly the site fell apart, and much of that was due to the mods taking action, not necessarily by the users, although once it was made apparent that many mods were stepping down, the users began to speak up. We’ll see if Evilore is able to make any amends to his community, but as things stand now, prospects for GAF’s future are looking bleak.




I was just reading it yesterday and didn’t see anything. Then my computer went down due to bios issues late last night, just got it back up after being busy most of the day.

What happened?

Edit: Read up on it, wow. Curious where people will land but not going to put my hat in that ring. Would be nice to see the old regulars back.



Thanks, didn’t have all the details but that covered it well.


I hope he can never harm anyone again.


There is a lot to cover here. Thank you for posting the article, it gave a good overview. Apparently he has been accused of sexual assault multiple times. My feelings on this are very mixed.

On one hand I am happy to see a recent rise of bad people being named and humiliated in public. I never understood the idea of protecting the privacy and leaving unscathed after being involved in such a crime. I hope more victims will be encouraged to come out and ruin these bastards.

On the other hand…I am very worried about Neogaf and don’t wish for it to be dead. It has been a place where women and minorities have a bit of protection compared to other places, good discussions are always had and there is always contact with the developers. I fear for what is to come. Ultra right people/neonazi will enjoy this…

And lastly, what a coward thing to do, locking threads, banning an admin, others etc. When will people learn that it would only make things worse.


That weird Internet feeling when thousands of people suddenly become invisible.


im alive u have me


The site is gone forever.
Unreal how it just completely imploded in the span of a day. I can’t believe we got to witness that.
I hope that young woman can recover from what he did to her.


NeoGAF is still generating money and I believe it will back soon. EviLore should take a step back and let others moderate his site for him.


Yeah, that really surprised me. I never saw GAF like that before. Maybe it hit harder because all discussions are being surpressed while a similar case with naughty dog is okay.


This has absolutely been building for 5 (or more) years.


What has been building for 5+ years if I may ask? It seems like there is a lot I don’t know about the community…


Hahahaha can’t say I’m sad to see it go. Fuck Evillore, man

Maybe people will spill over here like before :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I didn’t know AMir0x got arrested for child porn. That guy was the worst, doesn’t surprise me at all


I don’t know if it’s that easy to do. Also, Neogaf is not just the owner of the site. There are so many nice people and communities…it’s not going to be easy to find a second home that is just as active. I wish for GAF to remain active, for their sakes.

As for amirox…what’s weird is that evilore kept donating money to him even after this incident came to light…according to the same article at least.




EL and sexual assault. He admitted to one such incident in 2012, evidently thought it was fair play. Have been allegations since, couldn’t tell you if the Spain assault was the first.