So. It's finally happened.


let ign buy it


The GAF refugees have been going to The Bore. demi was freaking out as to how many people were browsing the GAF thread. There were like 700-1000 people viewing the thread. lol

I think it was the Weinstein fiasco that motivated more women having the courage to come forward with sexual assault allegations.


The allegations aren’t the reason GAF is “dead” but because of how EL reacted. Mind you a lot of people would leave regardless, mods included but if he didn’t try to shut down discussion on that topic the forum would be up today.


Dude’s got the ego of an oversized watermelon, i don’t think it would have gone any differently.


ha, waypoint uses the same layout as this joint.


On mobile yeah, I didn’t mess with the mobile theme much.

Just Discourse forum software. They use stock desktop theme.


also maybe don’t take a million years to issue the statement


Most of the mods have been purged.


The link is leading to GAF which is still down? Do we have an updated list of the mods who left?

Thank you for the explanation.


That’s an archived page before it went down. The site went back up shortly last night. It looks like the only mods that Evilore kept on were Timan and Gromph, and they handle maintenance of the site/forum.


It’s not exactly leading to neogaf… it’s leading to their CDN, which is basically a place in the internet you rent to keep some of the things in your website outside of your server like big images for example (or whatever you want tbh, i.e. that link looks like it’s some sort of automatic cache of their website).

This link will put you in OT. Looks like it’s from 26 hours ago.


It’s really a damn shame women and sometimes men have to deal with crap like this. I can only hope this is at least the first push towards a more appropriate and safe work environments.

I’ll miss it. It was a great hub for news and thoughtful discussion


I caught myself instinctively going to GAF from my phone a couple times. Bad habits die hard. It was the best news aggregator on the internet.


The speed of the implosion was amazing. Incredible.

Apparently there is a successor in the works and should up and running very soon. Has the involvement of some old mod staff. Easy biz opportunity there.


I can hardly wait.


I don’t expect much from it, though I don’t think it will fail, I mean we are still here heh. Just won’t be what everyone wants and the trolls will be out in force. I don’t envy them.


Yeah, I’m dubious that they can recreate what Neogaf accomplished, although you’re talking about thousands of people who can no longer post on that forum, so who knows.


I think the biggest issue is trying to capture what GAF was to everyone. That is frankly impossible and whoever is running it will need to put their feet down hard and pick a path and stick to it. They will lose people due to choices they make, be it how they moderate and run the forums to the technical and feature choices they make.

If they try to appease everyone, all those voices, they will crumble and it won’t be pretty. The reason GAF was successful for so long was due to heavier moderation and restricted registration. Obviously the people there made the community, but having a cleaner space to discuss all ranges of topics fostered the community. At the end though, people went to and read GAF because it was huge and there was a ton of content. It will be hard to replicate that if the community doesn’t come around.

I am happy to support this community and would not take back being apart of it, but I wouldn’t choose to be apart of a new one specially after everything that happened at GAF and the way the internet is right now.


I agree completely @chapel


I noticed the site was down since yesterday and finally searched for some news on it. Pretty shocked, to be honest. Granted, I was never really too involved in the community. I just liked getting gaming and off-topic news from there.