So. It's finally happened.


Guys…you’re talking like it’s really gone. You’re talking like it won’t come back for sure :cry:I’ve been relying on GAF so much that I don’t know of a replacement in terms of news and impressions. I’ve stopped visiting game website. What are the best ones?


I occasionally check Gamasutra, GamesIndustry, Eurogamer, RockPaperShotgun, Gematsu, and PocketTactics. Overall it’s difficult to find a site that covers the news that I’m interested it. Most of the articles on the sites above are meant for a different audience.


Even if it comes back, and it likely will, it will never be the same. Too many regulars are really burnt on it and the timing to recover is really lost. Going dark like this just leads the more diehard members to find a new home, where as anyone that just is there to lurk will follow.

If the main people posting leave, the lurkers and non-member readers (which is where the money is) will not come back as there is nothing to read.

So for most people it is dead.





I browse Gematsu for Japanese gaming news, and a combination of Giant Bomb and Game Informer Youtube videos for western gaming coverage.

Also, sup @SnakeXs.


Reading those headlines. Crazy.
Also, forget Reset Era. It’s just another way for someone to make money. They see that the gaf audiences can be snapped up now, so they’re scrambling to put something together to make money. How about they make a forum where we all share the revenue?


Yeah I can see that. I am curious though what happens. If a new news aggregator pops up then I am happy. I lurk mostly anyways.


Love it or hate it, we will never see a place like Neogaf again. Because it predates the advent of social media it didn’t have to compete with that and its cohorts of internet personalities. I thinks it would be incredibly hard to build an independent message board of its size when its competing with various social media sites and places like reddit. It probably a lot of effort with little gain when its much easier to just join twitter/reddit and shitpost to your hearts content.


That’s a great point, having to compete with social media (and the push for contemporary tech) will make it impossible to use the purist style of gaf. That style is simply out of vogue these days.


forums are so 2005 anyway


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It’s back up now. Off topic has been sacrifice. Mods are now anonymous. Lulz