So. It's finally happened.


lmao anonymous mods yeah this is gonna go well


What a disaster


FYI NSFW stuff is getting posted apparently. Be careful.

This one is safe though lol;


It looks like I have a lot to catch up to. He brought the forum back up.

There are tons of posts telling him to fuck off, and of course, they are now banned. I hope the community comes together as a collective and tells him to fuck off, that they are done with his manipulation. He has a history of sexual abuse and he can’t run away from that. This is him simply trying to save face. If the remaining users of GAF accept this, it’s shameful.


Went out laughing. Best night of Gaf, bar none.


I’m laughing at the continued “ban me” threads and posts. Keep 'em coming.




I was browsing GAF during my commute this morning and ended up looking at a fullscreen goatse. It brings back memories of a younger internet.


I am really saddened and disgusted after seeing current GAF. Many members requesting perma-bans, the ones that are left are the ultra right, insensitive and neonazis defending the site/evilore. Then you have evilore denying it all, temporarily removing OT and mods’ identities hidden…I don’t know if I can post there anymore…I feel very uncomfortable…


Best to forget about it. The whole thing is depressing.


Oh man, seeing all the shit crop up now that GAF is back is even better than what led up to the fallout.



I don’t really post anymore or check GAF out much regardless, but I made sure to check GAF out to see the shitposts. I personally liked the Ace Ventura thread and the Care Bear suicide thead.


I think I’ve had 3-4 accounts that have been banned on GAF over the years. Still used to lurk for news and discussion. Sad to see that go, but happy to watch it fall


I still have one there. Don’t know what to do with it tbh.


Come on John. Cook up something spicey for your protest thread


I’ve been playing a fun game today every time I see a new thread gets posted

“Protest, Porn, or Real Thread??”

This one got me good


Still a junior…


…never a bride.


Word is out that people are getting banned over their own PM’s.