So. It's finally happened.


Yeah I heard about that as well. Possibly by posting discord links.


Someone happen to have an invite to the GAF and/or Reset Era Discord?


Off-topic is back. I thought they would start over from scratch.


Well, off-topic community, anyhow.


Stop visiting that site y’all.


That explains why it was only boring threads. All the fun stuff was in the main off-topic category.


I have hopes that ResetEra will be succesful at launching a new forum along with retaining many of the community.


Tbh all I want to know is where Lime is because it will probably be a good place.


This is some pretty hardcore drama. There’s still ongoing suicide threads every couple minutes, any of y’all able to invite me to the discord/website when it launches? I’d appreciate it



Discord invite only for first wave. Gotta hold out a bit if you’re not there.


Super not feeling the design tbh.


Xenforo :face_vomiting:

It’s not bad, but not great


Definitely prefer Discourse.


Pages are loading slower and slower. Wonder if they are getting DDoS’ed.


I understand where they going with the design. Keep a simple design, similar to GAF. I prefer it this way, simple but functional and not cluttered.

I’m going to see how the forum goes, unfortunately I can’t register yet for not having a work email. This will change soon though.


How pathetic. Hopefully they will be able to handle it.


It appears better now, not sure what was happening. Hopefully it wasn’t just them being not prepared for the load.


Wow, harsh? You’re talking about this ResetEra, right? Is it supposed to be bad?


No, I meant it’s pathetic that ResetEra is being attacked already