So. It's finally happened.



Oh. Well I don’t think Chapel was saying that was definitely happening, just speculating.


You’re right. It seems I read Chapel’s comment too quickly :x

I’ve browsed the forum and I really like what I’m seeing. Already over 2000 members, many familiar faces and threads are quickly being made. I wish I could sign up sooner but I don’t have any close connections.

Are you guys planning on signing on ResetEra?


Seems more like a place I’d browse for news than participate. I’ve learned from GAF that those kinds of forums don’t lend well to discussion and are better as just news agreggators.


I lurk on big forums like that, just there for content to read.

I lurk here too mostly heh.

Only thing I’d miss not having an account is read status so I could jump to last read. Pages :face_vomiting:


Tried registering but I don’t know the secret code, I feel ashamed. I’ll probably lurk for awhile anyway, was pretty much doing that already


Haha same here

Secret cod3z plz


Codes are only being given out to community leaders in the various discord groups, and those leaders must vet their members to be invited. The code once given is only valid for 10 minutes I guess so it is pretty strict process.

It is to avoid the code being shared widely to get in.

On the Destiny discord they vet you by if you’ve posted at least once in the Destiny GAF threads. I haven’t so I won’t be getting in that way, but I didn’t ask and am opting to lurk and wait for general registration if it ever opens up.


I’ve tried to use discord but I have no idea how it works. It seems you need an address to join chats? I’m trying to contact old-GAF to get an invite…


I want to join. How the heck do you get invited? I use Discord, but don’t know the channel.


Wow what a top secret exclusive forum

Seems excessive to me, but whatevs


It’s because their members have been attacked and their privacy has been comprimised by gators. Apparently some were doxxed.


Fuck, no wonder so many people asked to have their accounts deleted.


I think the community waves are done. Most of the discords that were involved with the invites were locked down and invite only themselves due to 4chan and GG brigading.

At this point you’ll have to wait for general sign up to be available.

It makes a lot of sense that they are being protective. If they just opened up they would be attacked immediately. They have a huge bullseye on them right now and it would be insane to try and contain open enrollment to trolls.


rise is not best girl

its naoto

this injustice will not stand


Do I have a waifu? Idk how you’re supposed to pick just one


If you want in, all emails are working right now. Get in before the getting gets bad.



Thank you soooooo much Chapel. Now I can finally sleep soon…it’s 2:33 am here.



It’s really nice on mobile.