So. It's finally happened.


If they could somehow start a non-profit to run the forum with a strict governance model, they could very likely make it work longer term in a very open way. In fact they would legally have to be open.


Re: GoDaddy, what hosting/registrar are your favorites, @chapel? I’ve been meaning to pick your brain about that for awhile now.


I was wrong on GoDaddy, in fact I wouldn’t be able to know unless they told me due to them using CloudFront. :man_facepalming:

Really depends on what you need to do. I host this on digital ocean.


I like Digital Ocean a lot. :blush:


I like how when it comes to GAF or something like it you guys are like “well it has to make money somehow” but I feel like many of you (unsure about present company) also dispute development costs in making games.


Well, forums carry some degree of capitalistic permissibility because their communal/social value is more immediately evident.


I signed up for Resetera. They’re handing out new codes for European GAFers who missed out last night.


This is fucking brilliant. (Pay close attention to the about sections on both threads. ^_^)


Woooww ok that’s good.


Subtile as fuck, but good. I had to read it twice to make sure Moon there wasn’t pulling some BS.

It also makes me happy the Reset thread is four times the size of the NeoGAF one.




Tbh I’m kinda mentally/emotionally exhausted and all these injokes are flying way over my dome.




Ok i think i’m dumb, i don’t see where to sign up in Reset? The login popup shows up but no option to sign up.

Maybe i’m blocking something…

Nope they are actually blocking more than half the world from registering.


They will open for general registration later today/tonight.

Really? Are they blocking Europe? Maybe you can use a proxy server?


There isn’t open registration yet.


In the morning in the western hemisphere, we will be officially opening up regular registrations

Hmm i misread this as they were open for western hemisphere (i.e. i’m dumb) but i mean, it’s def morning in america right?


Open now!


it’s noon or after in most of the US right now


GAF is about to find out what it’s like to be an actual echo chamber. Empty, barren forum.

WYL knows that feel.