So. It's finally happened.


at least we like each other, sorta


Well… I just signed up. I’m guessing the confirmation email isn’t automated? Would make sense if not.


I was wrong about Reset Era. The people behind it sound like good folks.


Manual process like GAF. They approved my account hours later. Much faster than GAF’s approval process.


Two things I don’t like about ResetERA - the name is dreadful, and it kind of just feels exactly like GAF. Which is fine but something fresh would’ve been nice. Same threads, same…everything.

Speaking of nice, everyone is still in the honeymoon period so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes in the coming months, no denying that OT was filled with GAF’s most volatile members, who have since migrated there.


I feel like there are two groups who think like this, ones who are comparing it to past experiences and GAFers who wish it doesn’t catch on. I believe that it has been clear that ResetEra is not going to be one of those forums. They already have almost 18k members and the members are hungry to participate. You say it feels too much like GAF it’s because it is THAT community, the most important members who kept the forum so lively. It really feels like they have successfully achieved conveying their statement, in that GAF was made big because of the community and not because of one person. It really makes me happy and encourages me to stand up for my believes as well.

And WYL is just love :3 Even if we did not manage to become a big community, I’m happy with you guys.


Got signed up as well this morning. Will be nice to have a big forum to talk about games and anime again, but WYL will always be my home <3


I keep checking GAF now to see the final farewell post from Evilore, I give it a month before the site shuts down for good


I can’t imagine he doesn’t stay until there’s no other choice. NeoGAF has been his free ride. I don’t imagine he’s working on a resume toj his road to a 9-5.

Cashing free checks.


Yeah he’s literally never known anything else.


As long as clicks keeps pulling in money, he doesn’t care if the community is shit.


I give it several months until the cobwebs start forming and tumbleweeds are rolling by. And what resume? He may have not worked at a job (if at all) in several years, and most likely not a career job, as I don’t believe he ever went to college or a trade school. I could be wrong.

@MidnightTrain, but will those remaining clicks be enough revenue to pay the bills?



Thread doesn’t exist.


I don’t think he will shut down any time soon unless he implodes due to hubris.

Also have to keep in mind that he likely makes more money from SEO and links from other sites than active users. Though the fact that he “killed” so many years of content in OT baffled my mind. So much SEO content gone. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t feel the impact of that and maybe brings them back but locked.