What are y'all playing? ver 2.0



I picked up Picross S from the Switch eShop. It’s as great as the 3DS games and it controls well without a stylus.


I’m only done with the first case. I keep hearing the ending is controversial but I guess they just forgot or didn’t think there were any issues with the first case. Not very happy with how it turned out.


I won’t say much, but it is free and while I don’t play VNs I found the few hours I played a worthwhile experience.


Did it give you the doki dokis?


Yo SC is long as fuck


I enjoyed it. I really don’t want to say much. Go in blind if you do plan to play it.


I’m replaying Uncharted 4 and it’s really striking me how far the game refuses to call these anarchist pirates and their anarchist communities what they really are, case in point, anarchist pirates and anarchist communities.

Wondering if that’s an oversight or a calculated avoidance of political discourse.


What do they call them? Terrorists?


They just don’t approach the topic. Some characters share their ideas of pirates as icons of liberty (that is, having no one to tell them what to do), but as you explore the game and the story makes it so it becomes obvious that they are exploring a sort of birthing society made up of pirates the characters are like “Laws? Why do they have laws?” and “Pirates working with each other?” and it’s so obvious that… the developers were inspired by real life structural ideas about stateless societies where those questions are super easy to answer, but these two dudes who are supposed to be experts on anthropology are stuck by a childlike inability to converse about the political ideals of the people they’re discovering about.

I don’t know. Feels so weird. Kind of like… how sometimes people will avoid doing a thorough read/analysis on certain topics for fear that that will legitimize ideas they disagree with.


Enjoying this quite a bit. Love the combat and mobility, though sometimes it doesn’t always do what you want which is frustrating.

The nemesis system is great as ever. The engine shows its age though, it looks good but not as good as other AAA games coming out around now. Think the biggest issue is human/elf faces and animations are pretty bad. The orcs look great though, gross as ever.

If you’re curious the loot boxes are a non-issue. Don’t need them, and you’re not want for gear or other things. The game throws loot at you left and right.



So yeah, these guys are familiar with Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi because it’s basically that.


I don’t think Trails in the Sky TC is as long as SC, but because of its unorthodox premise for the series, it feels like a drag to play through after playing through FC and SC. Still an interesting game, though. SC is my favorite of the trilogy.


Finished SC. Quick comment, can def now say this is one of the most important games in the JRPG canon. I can scarcely recall such a strong endeavor in character, world, writing, music, and just generally the sheer skill at display. Also the canon of great games too. Falcom is such an underdog it’s not even funny.

Really, there’s little i can say other than these are great games that remain consistently great and keep upping your expectations without failing to impress.

Can’t wait to get into Cold Steel.



Steam World Dig 2 is p darn gud I must say.


Yeah, it’s great. One of my favourite Switch games this year (or I guess ever?).


It’s good to hear the sequel being this good. Is it just me though, I feel like the blue looking playable character looks worse and cheaper compared to the hero from steam world dig 1?


I completed all the puzzles in Picross S. Now I want to find something short to play before Mario arrives next week. Maybe I’ll pick something from the SNES Classic.