What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


That’s pretty quick. Did you only do the main mode? If not, then I highly recommend you mega Picross as well.


I’ve played the first twenty mega puzzles. I wish it didn’t reuse the same pictures.


That’s true. But from my experience the mode was enough itself to keep things fresh. I did play without making use of hints though (talking about Picross e7 on the 3ds)


I really want to buy a Switch. But jesus the fucking price.
That thing would have sold millions if they had been reasonable about the price. 150 dollars would be right.


Lately, The Switch has become my primary gaming device. It’s just more convenient than firing up my gaming PC or PS4. Last night I started playing Golf Story. It feels like the campaign mode that Mario Golf is missing.


I’ve been having a real dilemma when it comes to picking between a Switch and a PS4. This is one of the reasons.

I said before that I would wait until there is a clear winner for me. What happened is that there were/are many games on sale for the PS4, that I bought some PS4 games without buying the console (FF Type 0, DQ Heroes II and SOV). When I look at the games released on the PS4 most of them are still easily available with cheaper prices. With Nintendo I’m afraid it will be like the Wii U/3DS; if you want games, then you better make sure you buy most of them right away unless you want to pay high prices later. This was such a tiring process that I just don’t want to deal with it again (along with other bullshit). And so…my wallet is choosing Sony but my heart is still telling me Nintendo. It’s going to be really difficult if a new Zelda comes out etc.


In some parts of the world (re; Japan) they have supply issues. Why sell at such a low price? That’s money left on the table.

I bought a Switch earlier this year and think its fantastic. Perfect compliment to my gaming habits with along with my PC.


Making progress on ResiHD, second time on the mansion.

The mansion is amazing. I really love all the scientific paraphernalia, the animal icons, and how naturally the puzzles seem to fit into the aesthetic and room design of the mansion. It’s such a charming mixture of obvious design concessions but still has all the history and human details that push you to think of it as a lived space. Unlike Dead Space’s Ishimura, the mansion is not a place of hostility or danger, not itself… instead it’s an honest attempt to complicate your life and question your will to keep finding its solutions.

Ah. Not always you get to play a classic and really feel it doing its thing.


Making my way through the new South Park game, and man it just keeps getting better. I was a little down on the game during the first ‘day’ of the game, but every new day gets more and more crazy.

Yesterday I helped a gay fish’s mom get to heaven on the back of a unicorn and it was beautiful. Afterwards Jesus rewarded me with a selfie.

What a time to be alive.


woops sorry Barry!


Actually holding off on the holiday sequel rush and am playing through older games in my backlog; Wolfenstein, Shadow of Mordor, AC Unity & Syndicate.

Currently on The Evil Within, which I’m surprisingly enjoying, but I’m pretty bad with horror games so I’m taking it slow. Recently finished Virginia and What remains of Edith Finch, both great games!


@PillsHere How do you like Unity and Syndicate? People didn’t like Unity, but loved Syndicate. I liked the story of Unity. I suppose the mechanics weren’t very good. Syndicate was great, but I was having hard crash issues with it throughout the game. Apparently, it was because the patch I had downloaded didn’t install fully or something.


Syndicate was super good, unfortunately the ending was rather poor but they managed tone and general urban gameplay really well. Soundtrack was crazy good too.



I’m trying to play through Resi Zero. It’s a challenge.

Like, it’s… it’s such a poor display after playing the first Resident Evil. I didn’t know how good i had it! For one, the two character gameplay is not comfortable at all. The button to switch characters is the inventory button from ResiHD… i’m sure you can imagine how that’s going. The enemies and the level design are also set up such that combat is inevitable in a way it never was in the other game, too. The zombies aren’t exactly weaker, but do thry get up a lot quicker, and you’re not exactly faster, and you have a lot less space to maneuver away from the zombies. Zombies are also impermanent now. They spawn like in any other game. This means that empty rooms might suddenly become zombie rooms by nothing but sheer RNG it seems. So, that means more zombies and more combat with less maneuverability and still slow shooting. That’s just a no no. And worst of all, you have to contend with managing the AI.

It’s just not very good. The graphics are AMAZING, the backgrounds are super detailed and the art involved is top notch, love every little animation they put into the backgrounds. The Train was particularly impressive. But, like, then you play through the Train and you notice that there is simply no way you can go from one end to the other and avoid zombies. Like, you can’t. Literally sometimes the zombies spawn so close to you you don’t have time to shoot them enough to down them. So you get bit. And you spend health kits. And now you’re in this very poor rhythm of going somewhere, dealing with poor encounters, using whatever health you find on the spot, then finding more zombies, then maybe you forgot to go somewhere and you have to wade all the way back through MORE zombies who came from god knows where, and then go back through them again, and at that point you’ll probably have a game over because Billy decided he would stay back and fight but ended up dying before you could get to him.



I haven’t played it, but after hearing all the things I’ve heard about it, Zero won’t come near me.


I reached the end of Super Mario Odyssey two days ago. It seems like other forumites are more excited about it though. I prefer the tight layouts of traditional Mario levels.


Oxenfree is a walking simulator with a few interactive parts. The sound design is excellent and all components (music, voice acting, sound effects) perfectly tie together. It almost feels like a sound novel and I’m just tagging along.


Tonight I tried a few recent PS+ freebies. Sky Force Anniversary turned out to be really fun, especially in co-op mode. It’s a shoot 'em up similar to 1942. The visuals are charming and the ship is upgradeable.