Winter 2016 Anime


ERASED ep. 1-2

Man, that’s a heavy thing. I’m really starting to feel like this show might be something special. It’s also pretty funny.

Also Minami Takayama, the voice of Conan, plays Satoru’s mom. Even with that, I didn’t make the connection until I saw this drawing today.

I think I’ve figured out the big thing so I’m gonna use a spoiler tag. It’s speculation for sure, but you may not want to read it because it feels like that’s what it is. The abductor is their teacher. He’s in a position of power and it’s someone his mom would recognize.


@ that Limbo video: Boob physics.


i hope i get to see kids die


What the eff did I just watch XD


leaves thread quietly


Toku, is that you?


Anime was a mistake.



Man this looks soooo good when they don’t use CG for horses, cars, suits of armor, guntanks, mobile workers. It’s so frustrating, especially when you hold it up to Thunderbolt. This is OG Gundam! It should be the premier title! I know why of course, it’s because they know you’ll watch it anyway, and I will. Still pissed about it though.

Boy, they kinda drew a fine point on the title for this one.

But the real MVP was chanteuse Hamon. I hear she has good english but no fucking way was that Miyuki Sawashiro singing.


Durarara!! X2 - 27

I missed reviewing the last ep so here is this one

I thought this episode was really good. Its mostly just people walking and talking this episode but the dialogue was strong
also i guess I should have noticed Kujiragi had a Saika of her own since well, its in the ED
I guess im not perceptive enough for this show ;_;


She revealed it at the end of the last season though.


i forget stuff ;_;


I finished the first season of that show, but it was pretty hard to follow. I liked all the characters, and I felt like I knew them individually, but I had no idea how it all came together.


drrr is kind of hard like that

it pays off tho


God damn it. I’m blaming you, this is your fault.


lmao haven’t seen this week’s episode and I’m already excited




Sonohara is used to that kind of feel


Winter 2016 is dance.


I finished Seraph of the End season 2. The ending was weird. Those many and long arms that killed the humans and vampires alike were bizarre. I hope we get another season, depending on how far along the manga is.

I’m up to episode 24 of Ushio and Tora. It’s been entertaining as usual.


Damn Erased is proving to be quite the surprise. I’m especially impressed by them sticking to the wider ratio which is very pleasing to see. I hope more shows go for wider ratios too!


I like it too. It’s also a literal framing device.