Winter 2016 Anime




I’m starting to think Dagashi Kashi is a MidTrang show but confirmation is needed.


Durarara!! X2 - 29

pissing Celty off seems like a bad idea
also cool music in this one Im pretty sure is new


Almost caught up with Dragon Ball Super. Nearly done with the Revival of Frieza arc. Thank god. I want to watch new content already. Not Gohan losing in life.


feels weird that a story is set up such that only more people dying gives the opportunity to save them

we’ll get to see grown up hinazuki one day tho and it will be worth it


Yeah, agreed. It’s doubly weird that it’s always girls too. So women have to die for this man to use his power.


Watching Gatchaman Crowds, it’s fun but holy crap the animation is terrible! Yikes!


Great soundtrack tho.


Jesus christ the crunchy roll player is absolute poop.

That’s the last time i trust giantbomb.


Yeah but


I’ve been watching Dragon Ball Super and Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. I’m about to watch the latest episode of Super, but I’m behind in Iron-Blooded Orphans. Next episode I have to watch is episode 8. I kinda like how the main character is largely detached from anything not having to do with fighting. His mentor, Orga, takes care of all of that for him. Mikazuki is indifferent to most happenings around him, but instead, he is idle and munches on his raisins. Pretty humorous actually. He has that same uncaring and cold personality as Hiro from Gundam Wing. The new episodes of DB Super have been sort of stupid. It’s still very comedy focused, and there isn’t a legitimate threat to the universe yet. I hope we get a villain worth caring about later on. Gohan still fails.


Durarara!! X2 - 30

good ep
Im curious what aoba’s bro gave to mikado tho




is mikado going all batman again


seems too obvious tho


ERASED ep. 7

Also speculation about the killer’s identity, read at your own risk.

I just can’t shake the idea that it’s the teacher. It would be too easy for him to notice the kids are colluding and figure out where Hinazuki is. Who else could find her so quickly and easily, other than Satoru’s mom? And it can’t be her either.


GATE is great.


i watched two episodes of Erased, its pretty good so far
the visual direction is aces, very filmic
the mc’s childhood friends were cooler than mine ever were
also I like all the female characters so i have a feeling they are all going to die
rip bromom


I felt like Dimension W had a fairly decent start but these latest episodes have really spent any potential it had.


too much smt